A simple solution for internal communication.

Tacit Space Briefer is a simple internal communication app that works the same on all your devices.

It is the answer to the questions "where should I write this down?" and "where did we write it down again?" It is a bank for your information wealth. Use it on your own, or build a shared memory for your team.

Who is it for?

Private professionals

Briefer helps individuals to keep track of their ideas and stay organized!


Briefer was developed primarily for professional teams. Groups benefit from Briefer by having a shared super memory.

Family and friends

Briefer can help organize the day-to-day routine families, holiday trips, a football club with friends...


We wanted to keep the private version affordable, so that students can benefit from a super memory too!

Base features

Memo, or it didn't happen

The basic information chunk in Briefer is the memo. Usually these are short pieces of text to capture an idea, sometimes with a picture attached. However, you can write as much text in a memo as you want - long memos
automatically show a short preview and expand when clicked. Memos live in boxes. Let's talk about them next.

Spaces, stores, boxes

The structure of Briefer is designed to be natural for the human mind. Studies in psychology of mind and years of trials have resulted in a three-level structure:
1. Stores in spaces
2. Boxes in stores
3. Memos in boxes.

Let's look at these individually. Spaces determine who has access to the information within it. It is a bit like a closely guarded building. Stores are similar to rooms, and they contain boxes of a certain theme or purpose. The boxes are... a bit like boxes, like cardboard boxes. They contain the memos, so they are easier to find in the store.

Copies, copies, copies

The true power of Briefer lies in being easily able to copy memos from one box to another. Writing one idea per memo brings about a powerful thing. You can copy memos from many boxes to a single box, and sort them into a narrative ready to be shown to the world. For example you might write a memo about leadership and another about culture to boxes title "leadership" and "culture", and then copy both of them also to a box where you are compiling your next blog post. Or you could realize a link you wrote down could be interesting to your team at work, and you copy it to the box containing the agenda for your next team meeting. Your team can even comment on it before the meeting, and things may start to push ahead!

Scratching the surface

What if I'm in a hurry, and don't have time to look for the right box for my idea? What about memos that don't seem to belong to any box at all? No worries, that's what the scratchpad is for. You can set it to open from the home screen of your phone and have instant access to writing a memo. If you later realize it should be put into a certain box, you simply copy it as usual!

Hide and seek

Two frequently asked questions are "what happens when I have lots of memos and boxes and stores? Won't it get crowded?" You'll be absolutely fine, because you can always hide the things you don't need. Spaces, stores, boxes and memos can all be hidden and restored as needed. We've even made Briefer a little smart: stores and boxes hide themselves automatically if left unused for long enough. They can be easily found by clicking the "show hidden items" button, which appears wherever there are hidden memos, boxes or stores.

Now that you've had a crash course on what Briefer is like, try it out and let's see if it's right for you!

Pricing and sign up

Base features and Scratchpad
Unlimited private spaces
Email support
Base features and Scratchpad
Unlimited team members
Unlimited team spaces
Email Support
Base features and Scratchpad
Unlimited team members
Unlimited team spaces
Training and premium support
79€/month/team, minimum order 4 teams

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We are now putting the finishing touches to a larger scale launch.
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Simple is Intelligent

Briefer is very important to us, as we use it every day ourselves. We promise to keep it easy to use forever.

Family Plan

We want to support families and recreational groups. That is why we have a special Family plan!
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Base features and Scratchpad
Two admin users
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Here is some feedback we've received.

Samuli Kinnunen
Technical artist
Stolen Shoes Entertainment

We use Briefer every day, it works and we like it, so it seems you weren’t wrong with this product!

Jussi Puurula
JP Structural Design Oy

Simply the easiest way to store important information.

Finnish building contractor

Projects are made faster by days, when the different professionals at our building sites get the right information and know when the sites are ready for them

Private Briefer user

With Briefer we practically start our Monday meetings on the previous Thursday! Most of the things get dealt with before the actual meeting, and we use the time to discuss around 1/10 of the original agenda.

Private Briefer user

I like to store screenshots of recipes I find on the internet. Briefer is good for sharing those with my family.


You can reach us by emailing helpdesk@briefer.io, by direct messaging us on twitter: @tacitspace, or by sending us a message with this form: